e/acc- $SOL- $SDO

e/acc- $SOL- $SDO


Unlock the Power of Community with $SDO Token on Solana!

$SDO: Where Social, Loyalty, and Fun Converge. Designed by the Community, for the Community.

Two Remarkable Airdrops Achieved
Airdrop 1: In Jan 2022, to 14,000+ HoDLers
Airdrop 2: In Jan 2023, to 27,000+ HoDLers

Our Mission

Become the #1 social and loyalty token for the Solana ecosystem. Supporting the Solana ecosystem, one project at a time.
TEAM: We are a diverse team with backgrounds in crypto, fintech,web2, banking, law, and payments, from global Fortune 100 tech companies, and we operate across 4 continents. We are very early believers in Solana blockchain and the true power of a parallel financial ecosystem.


Web3 is Inevitable. Solana is Unstoppable.

Art and memes are going to finish the job that Bitcoin started.

NFTs and Social tokens are the democratization of asset creation.

'Social tokens' are the entry key to a community and, at the same time, a financial instrument tracking the perceived value of that community.

We thank the NFT creators, collectors, and all other market participants for supporting the Solana ecosystem and staying strong during this winter. $SDO Token is our tribute to active SOL community members.
Any society with a blockchain-enabled internet will be decades ahead of one without.
Web-3 is a push update to Capitalism 2.0.
The Future is Bright. Solana is the Future.